The Pocket Guide to World History

Phoebe. Greek Titan, associated with moon. [Read more ...]

Phoenicians. Canaanites. 30-4C BC. Eastern Mediterranean traders from England to Africa. 20C BC Tyre. 15C BC invented alphabet. 814BC Carthage. [Read more ...]

Phoenix Park Murders. 1882. British Secretary and Undersecretary of Ireland killed by terrorists. [Read more ...]

Photius. c820-91. Patriarch of Constantinople 858~86. Began Great Schism controversy. [Read more ...]

Phrygia. 13-6C BC. Kingdom dominating Asia Minor. [Read more ...]

Phrynichus. c512-476BC. Athenian playwright. First women characters. Capture of Miletus 494BC. [Read more ...]

Physiocrats. 18C. Agricultural based philosophy. Land is source of all wealth. Elimination of controls over economy. Laissez-Faire. Quesnay. Turgot. [Read more ...]

Physiognomism. Belief in the relationship between personality types and facial characteristics. Lavater. Aristotle. [Read more ...]

Piaf, Edith. 1915-63. French music hall singer. [Read more ...]

Piaget, Jean. 1896-1980. Swiss psychologist. Child development in four stages: sensorimotor, symbolic, concrete, logical. [Read more ...]

Piast. 840-1370. Polish dynasty. [Read more ...]

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