The Pocket Guide to World History

Philippine Sea, Battle. 1944. Major US victory over Japanese. Philippines reconquered. MacArthur. [Read more ...]

Philippines. 1521 Magellan discovers. 1565 Spanish conquer. 1762-64 British occupy. 1898 US. 1935 Commonwealth. 1941-11 Japan occupies. 1946 Republic. 1973 Marcos dictator. 1986 Democracy. MacArthur. [Read more ...]

Philistines. 12C BC- Peoples of Palestine defeated by Saul and David 10C BC. Samson. [Read more ...]

Phillips, Wendell. 1811-84. US abolitionist, women’s suffrage, prohibition crusader. [Read more ...]

Philo. c20BC-50. Alexandrian Jew. Reconciled Jewish faith with Greek reason. [Read more ...]

Philoctetes. Mythical Greek warrior. Killed Paris at Troy. [Read more ...]

Philomela. Mythical Greek princess. Raped by Tereus. Tongue cut out. [Read more ...]

Philopappus. Syrian prince. Roman consul. Monument faces on Acropolis. [Read more ...]

Philostratus. 3C Greek Sophist. Lives of Sophists. Imagines. [Read more ...]

Phocaea. Ionian city. Settled Anatolia 10C BC. Colonized Dardanelles, Mediterranean, Black Sea. [Read more ...]

Phocas. -610. Byzantine Emperor 602-. Persecuted Monophysites and Jews. [Read more ...]

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