The Pocket Guide to World History

Piazzi, Giuseppe. 1746-1826. Italian discoverer of Ceres, first asteroid seen by man 1801. [Read more ...]

Picard, Jean. 1620-82. French astronomer. Founded Paris Observatory. Computed size of earth. [Read more ...]

Picasso, Pablo. 1881-1973. Spanish/French Cubist painter. Desmoiselles d’Avignon 1907. Guernica 1937. [Read more ...]

Piccard, Auguste. 1884-1962. Swiss physicist. Balloon to stratosphere. Bathyscaphe below ocean. [Read more ...]

Pichincha, Battle. 1822. Ecuador wins independence from Spain. [Read more ...]

Pickens, Andrew. 1739-1817. American Revolutionary. Captured Atlanta. [Read more ...]

Pickering, Edward. 1846-1919. US pioneer of stellar spectroscopy, photometry. [Read more ...]

Pickford, Mary. 1893-1979. Canadian/US silent film actress. [Read more ...]

Picquart, Georges. 1854-1914. French general imprisoned for defense of Dreyfus. [Read more ...]

Picquigney, Truce. 1475. France pays England to withdraw army. [Read more ...]

Picts. Inhabitants of Scotland. Repelled Romans. Subdued by MacAlpin 843 creating Alban. [Read more ...]

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