The Pocket Guide to World History

Philip V. 238-179BC. Macedonian king 221-. Defeated by Rome. [Read more ...]

Philip V. The Tall. 1293-1322. French king 1316-. Succeeded over Joan by Salic Law. [Read more ...]

Philip V. 1683-1746. First Bourbon king of Spain 1700-. Accession led to War of Spanish Succession, loss of Netherlands and Italian possessions. War of Polish Succession. [Read more ...]

Philip VI. 1293-1350. French Valois king 1328-1350. [Read more ...]

Philip the Good. 1396-1467. Valois Duke of Burgundy 1419-. Allied with England vs France. [Read more ...]

Philippe Auguste Wall. 1210. First defensive wall around Paris. [Read more ...]

Philippe de Champagne. Cartoonist 1631. Windows of St-Eustache. [Read more ...]

Philippi, Battle. 42BC. Antony and Octavian beat republicans Brutus and Cassius. [Read more ...]

Philippics. Acrimonious orations of Demosthenes against Philip II of Macedonia. [Read more ...]

Philippine Insurrection. 1899-1902. Filipinos rebel vs US rule. [Read more ...]

Philippine Revolution. 1896-8. For independence from Spain allowed US control. Insurrection. [Read more ...]

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