The Pocket Guide to World History

Phidias. c490-430BC. Greek sculptor. Parthenon frieze. 42 foot gold and ivory statue of Zeus at Olympia. 7 Wonders. [Read more ...]

Philadelphia. Greek name for Amman, Jordan. [Read more ...]

Philby, Kim. 1912-88. British/Soviet double agent 1933-51. Escaped to USSR 1963. My Secret War 1968. [Read more ...]

Philip. Metacom. -1676. Led Massasoit in King Philip’s War. [Read more ...]

Philip I. 1052-1108. French king 1060-. Recovered Normandy for France. [Read more ...]

Philip I. The Handsome. 1478-1506. King of Castile 1504-. Established Spanish Hapsburg line by marrying daughter of Ferdinand II. [Read more ...]

Philip II. 382-336BC. General: unified Macedonia. Alexander’s father. [Read more ...]

Philip II. 1165-1223. French Capetian king 1179-. 3rd Crusade. Conquered Flanders. Doubled France. Fought Richard the Lion Heart for Angevin Empire. [Read more ...]

Philip II. 1527-98. Spanish king. Revolt, 1579. Married Mary I of England. Sent Armada against Elizabeth I, 1588. Counter-Reformation champion. [Read more ...]

Philip IV. The Fair. 1268-1314. French Capetian king 1285-. Taxed Roman Catholic Church. Ended Templars. [Read more ...]

Philip IV. 1605-65. Spanish king 1621-. Lost Portugal, Catalonia, Utrecht. [Read more ...]

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