The Pocket Guide to World History

Pfitzner, Hans. 1869-1949. German Post-romantic opera composer. Palestrina 1917. [Read more ...]

Phaedo. c417BC. Greek Socratic philosopher. Dialectics, ethics. [Read more ...]

Phaedra. Mythical Greek princess. Falsely accused Hippolytus of rape. [Read more ...]

Phalangists. 1936-2000 Militant Maronites vs Moslems in Lebanese Civil War. [Read more ...]

Phalanx. 7C BC. Greek infantry formation in 8 rows. [Read more ...]

Pharaoh. Egyptian king’s title. =“great house”. Physical embodiment of god Ra. [Read more ...]

Pharisees. 2C BC-70. Jewish religious sect. Oral law and Torah, vs Sadducees (Torah only). Mishna. [Read more ...]

Pharos. 280BC-13C. Alexandria lighthouse. 135m high. Seven Wonders. [Read more ...]

Pharsalus, Battle. 48BC. Caesar defeats Pompey. [Read more ...]

Phenomenalism. Matter is defined by sense experience. [Read more ...]

Phenomenology. Philosophy. Analysis of phenomena without preconceptions by conscious mind. Husserl. [Read more ...]

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