The Pocket Guide to World History

Peterloo Massacre. 1819. Peaceful Manchester demonstration for parliamentary reform suppressed by cavalry. 500 casualties. Ultra tories limit freedom of press, assembly. [Read more ...]

Peter’s Pence. Tithe paid to papacy. [Read more ...]

Petersburg Campaign. 1864-5. Virginia. Final action of American Civil War leading to Confederate defeat. [Read more ...]

Peterskirche. 13C. Zurich church with world’s largest clock face, 28.5 feet. [Read more ...]

Petit Palais. Built for 1900 World Exhibition. Paris Museum of Fine Arts. [Read more ...]

Petit Pont. 1852. Bridge across Seine at site of original Roman crossing. [Read more ...]

Petition of Rights. 1628. Accepted by Charles I, limiting British monarch’s powers. [Read more ...]

Petöfi, Sándor. 1823-49. Hungarian lyric poet. Hero of the 1848-9 revolution. Poetry of Liberation. János Vitéz 1845. [Read more ...]

Petrarch. 1304-74. Italian humanist author, lyric poet, philosopher. To Laura 1366. Dialogue with St. Augustine. [Read more ...]

Petrie, Flinders. 1853-1942. British archeologist. Sequential dating method. [Read more ...]

Petronius, Caius. -66 Roman satirist in Nero’s court. Satyricon. [Read more ...]

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