The Pocket Guide to World History

Perrault, Charles. 1628-1703. French poet. Mother Goose 1697. [Read more ...]

Perrault, Claude. 1613-88. French architect. Louvre Colonnade. Observatory. [Read more ...]

Perret, Auguste. 1874-1954. French architect in reinforced concrete. Champs-Élyées Theatre. [Read more ...]

Perry, Matthew. 1794-1858. US Commodore. Opened Japanese trade 1854. [Read more ...]

Persephone. Greek goddess of fertility abducted by Hades. [Read more ...]

Perseus. Slew Medusa with gods’ weapons. Married Andromeda. [Read more ...]

Perseus. c212-166BC. Last Macedonian king 179-168BC. Defeated at Pydna by Rome. [Read more ...]

Pershing, John. 1860-1948. US general; commanded French front 1918. WWI. [Read more ...]

Persia. Iran. [Read more ...]

Persian Wars. 490-479BC. Greek city-states repel Persian invasion. [Read more ...]

Persius. 34-62. Roman satirical poet. Stoic. [Read more ...]

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