The Pocket Guide to World History

Peru. Settled 8000BC. 15C Inca. 1532 Pizarro conquers for Spain. 1821 Independent. [Read more ...]

Pérugini, Pietro le. 1445-1523. Italian painter. Taught Raphael. St. Peter and Keys 1482 (Sistine Chapel). [Read more ...]

Peruzzi, Baldassarre. 1481-1536. Italian architect, painter. Palazzo Massimo 1535. Villa Farnesina 1509-21. [Read more ...]

Pestalozzi, Johann. 1746-1827. Swiss educator. Modern primary education system. Paced development from familiar to new. Lienhard and Gertrude 1781-9. How Gertrude Teaches 1801. [Read more ...]

Pétain, Philippe. 1856-1951. Defender at Verdun, 1916. Armistice 1940. Vichy Prime Minister 1940-42. German puppet 1942-4. Life sentence for collaboration after liberation. [Read more ...]

Peter, St. -64. Leader of Jesus’ disciples. First pope. Crucified upside-down by Nero. [Read more ...]

Peter I. The Great. 1672-1725. Czar of Russia. Created navy. Defeated Sweden 1709. Founded St. Petersburg. [Read more ...]

Peter II. 1923-70. King of Yugoslavia 1934-45. Deposed in exile by Tito. [Read more ...]

Peter III. 1728-62. Czar 1762. Overthrown by wife Catherine the Great. [Read more ...]

Peter the Hermit. 1050-1115. French. Led ill-equipped army in First Crusade. [Read more ...]

Peterhouse. 1284. First Cambridge college. [Read more ...]

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