The Pocket Guide to World History

Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista. 1710-36. Italian opera buffa composer. La serva padrona 1733. “War of the Buffoons” Paris 1752. [Read more ...]

Peri, Jacopo. 1561-1633. Florentine composer. First opera. Dafne 1594. Euridice 1600. [Read more ...]

Periander. Corinthian tyrant c627-586BC. Trade and art expansion. [Read more ...]

Pericles. c495-429BC. Athenian leader 461-. Led to Athenian dominance of Greece. Parthenon. Height of democracy. [Read more ...]

Peripatetics. Lyceum. [Read more ...]

Perón, Eva. “Evita”. 1919-52. Influential first wife of Juan. Won women’s vote. [Read more ...]

Perón, Isabel. 1931-. Argentine president 1974-5, succeeding husband. [Read more ...]

Perón, Juan. 1895-1974. Totalitarian Argentine president 1946-55, 73-4. Evita. Isabel. [Read more ...]

Pérotin. -c1238. First composer to write for 4 voices. Sederunt. [Read more ...]

Perpendicular. c1350-1500. English Gothic architecture. Square and heavy materialistic design. [Read more ...]

Perpetual Alliance. 1291. Association of Swiss Cantons which engendered today’s Confederation. [Read more ...]

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