The Pocket Guide to World History

Penry, John. 1559-93. Welsh Puritan executed for Marprelate Tracts. [Read more ...]

Pentecost. 50th day after Easter. Descent of Holy Spirit on Jesus’ disciples marks beginning of Christian mission. [Read more ...]

Pentecostalism. Protestant fundamentalist mystic sects. Baptism with Holy Spirit gives supernatural gifts, speaking in tongues. [Read more ...]

People’s Republic. Communist government by a people’s party. Democratic mandate from popular revolution. Often Totalitarian. [Read more ...]

Pepi II. Egyptian king 2275-2181BC. 94 yr. reign. [Read more ...]

Pepin II. -714. Ruler of Franks 687-. United Merovingian kingdoms by defeating Neustria 687. [Read more ...]

Pepin the Short. c714-68. First Carolingian king of France 751-. Charlemagne’s father. Donation of Pepin. [Read more ...]

Pepys, Samuel. 1633-1703. English diarist of 1660-9. [Read more ...]

Pequot War. 1636-7. British annihilate North American Pequot tribe. [Read more ...]

Perceval, Spencer. 1762-1812. Only British Prime Minister assassinated in office. [Read more ...]

Percier, Charles. 1764-1838. French Empire architect. Cour Carrée with Fontaine. [Read more ...]

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