The Pocket Guide to World History

Peloponnesian War, Second. 431-404BC. Sparta defeats Athens, beginning Greek decline. [Read more ...]

Pelops. Mythical Mycenaean king Tantalus served to gods as dinner. [Read more ...]

Pemberton, John. 1831-88. US pharmacist. Coca Cola 1886. [Read more ...]

Penal Laws. 16C-1829. English persecution of Catholics. [Read more ...]

Penates. Roman household gods. [Read more ...]

Pendleton Civil Service Act. 1883. US creates merit based civil service system vs Spoils System. [Read more ...]

Penelope. Faithful wife of Odysseus. [Read more ...]

Penfield, Wilder. 1891-1976. Canadian brain surgeon: Cerebral Cortex of Man. [Read more ...]

Peninsular Campaign. 1862. Failed Union attempt to take Richmond in American Civil War. [Read more ...]

Peninsular War. 1808-14. British, Spanish, Portuguese under Wellington defeat French in Iberian Peninsula. [Read more ...]

Penn, William. 1644-1718. English Quaker. Founded Pennsylvania 1681. [Read more ...]

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