The Pocket Guide to World History

Percival. Legendary 13C knight. Found Holy Grail. [Read more ...]

Percy, Thomas. 1528-72. Failed attempt 1569 to rescue Mary Stuart, replace Elizabeth. [Read more ...]

Perdiccas. c365-321BC. Regent of Macedonian Empire 323BC-. [Read more ...]

Perestroika. 1986. Gorbachev’s policy of government and economic reform. [Read more ...]

Pérez, Antonio. 1534-1611. Spanish intriguer vs Philip II. [Read more ...]

Pérez, Galdós. 1843-1920. Spanish writer of 46 historical novels. Episodios Nacionales. [Read more ...]

Pérez de Ayala, Ramón. 1880-1962. Spanish writer. Balarmino and Apolonio. [Read more ...]

Perez de Cuellar, Javier. 1920-. Peruvian UN Sec. Gen. 1982-91. [Read more ...]

Pérez Jimenez, Marcos. 1914- Ruthless Venezuelan president. 1952-8. Coup 1948. Convicted of corruption. [Read more ...]

Perfectionism. 19C. Conversion means freedom from all sin. Noyes. Oneida. [Read more ...]

Pergamum. 5C BC-. Attalid capital 3-2C BC of Mysia in Asia Minor. [Read more ...]

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