The Pocket Guide to World History

Pedrell, Felipe. 1841-1922. “Midwife” of Spanish Nationalist music. [Read more ...]

Pedro I. 1798-1834. First Emperor of Brazil 1822-31. Declared independence from Portugal. = Pedro IV of Portugal. [Read more ...]

Pedro II. 1648-1706. King of Portugal 1683-. Treaty of Lisbon. [Read more ...]

Pedro II. 1825-91. Last Emperor of Brazil 1831-89. Slavery abolished by Isabel as Princess Regent, 1888, led to overthrow. [Read more ...]

Pedro V. 1837-61. Portugal. King 1853-. Ended slavery in territories 1858. [Read more ...]

Peel, Robert. 1788-1850. English Prime Minister 1834~46. London police force 1829. Income Tax 1842. Founded Conservative Party. Bank Charter Act. Repealed Corn Laws 1846. [Read more ...]

Peelites. 19C Free Trade Conservatives under Peel, Aberdeen. [Read more ...]

Pegasus. Greek mythical winged horse. [Read more ...]

Pei, I.M. 1917-. Chinese/US architect. Kennedy Airport 1960. Place Ville-Marie. Louvre Pyramid. [Read more ...]

Peipus, Battle of Lake. 1242. Russians repel Livonian Knights’ attack on Novgorod. [Read more ...]

Peirce, Charles. 1839-1914. US philosopher. Pragmatism. -“logic is keystone of all knowledge”. [Read more ...]

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