The Pocket Guide to World History

Paz, Octavio. 1914-98. Mexican poet. La estacíon violenta. Labyrinth of Solitude 1950. [Read more ...]

Pazzi Conspiracy. 1478. Failed attempt to depose Medicis in Florence. [Read more ...]

Peacock, Thomas. 1785-1866. English witty satirical novelist: Nightmare Abbey. [Read more ...]

Peacock Throne. Seized 1739 in Delhi by Nader Shah. Taken to Iran. Original lost. [Read more ...]

Pearl Harbor. 1941 Japanese surprise attack. US, Japan enter WWII. [Read more ...]

Pearse, Patrick. 1879-1916. Irish patriot. Led Easter Rebellion 1916. Executed. [Read more ...]

Pearson, Lester. 1897-1972. Canadian Prime Minister 1963-8. UN mediator in Palestine 1948, Suez 1956. [Read more ...]

Peary, Robert. 1856-1920. US explorer. First to North Pole 1909. [Read more ...]

Peasants’ Crusade. 1096. Led by Walter the Penniless. Annihilated in Anatolia. Inspired First Crusade. [Read more ...]

Peasants’ Revolt. 1381. Led by Wat Tyler vs poll tax. Tyler killed by London mayor in king’s presence. Richard II makes concessions but doesn’t follow through. [Read more ...]

Peasants’ War. 1524-6. Geneva Anabaptist peasants crushed by nobles and clergy. Muntzer. [Read more ...]

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