The Pocket Guide to World History

Peisistratus. -527BC. Athenian Tyrant 560BC~. Attacked Ionia. Supported external trade, arts. [Read more ...]

Peking, Treaty. 1860. China cedes coastal land to Russia. [Read more ...]

Peking Man. 350,000BC. Homo Erectus fossil discovered 1927. [Read more ...]

Peking Protocol. 1901-43. European powers control Peking. Boxer Rebellion indemnity to be paid. [Read more ...]

Pelagius. c354-c425. Welsh monk. Held heretical view that God rewards the virtuous. Free will, no original sin vs Determinism. Pelagians. [Read more ...]

Peleus. Mythical Greek king of Myrmidons. Achilles’ father. [Read more ...]

Pelletier, P. J. 1788-1842. Discovered chlorophyll, 1817, with Caventou. [Read more ...]

Pellico, Silvio. 1789-1854. Italian writer. My Prisons 1832. [Read more ...]

Pelopidas. -364BC. Theban general. Defeated Sparta. [Read more ...]

Peloponnesian League. 6C-366BC. Led by Sparta. Leuctra Battle. [Read more ...]

Peloponnesian War. 460-445BC. Athens vs Peloponnesian League. [Read more ...]

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