The Pocket Guide to World History

Paullus, Aemilius. 229-160BC. Roman victor at Pydna, 168BC. Ended Macedonian War. [Read more ...]

Pausanius. Spartan. Drove Persians from Greece at Plataea, 479BC. Starved to death for plotting helot uprising. [Read more ...]

Pausanius. c143-76. Lydian traveller, guidebook writer. Descriptions of Greece. [Read more ...]

Pavia, Battle. 1525. Holy Roman Empire defeats France. Madrid Treaty. [Read more ...]

Pavia, Battle. 476. Odoacer defeats Romans, ending Western Roman Empire. [Read more ...]

Pavia, Siege. 773-4. Charlemagne defeats Lombards. [Read more ...]

Pavlov, Ivan. 1849-1936. Russian physiologist: discovered conditioned response. [Read more ...]

Pavlova, Anna. 1849-1931. Russian ballerina. [Read more ...]

Pax. Roman goddess of peace. [Read more ...]

Pax Romana. 27BC-193. Period of Roman peace and prosperity begun by Augustus. [Read more ...]

Paxton, Joseph. 1801-65. English architect. Crystal Palace 1851. [Read more ...]

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