The Pocket Guide to World History

Papineau, Louis. 1786-1871. French-Canadian nationalist. Led 1837 revolt vs Britain in Lower Canada. [Read more ...]

Pappus of Alexandria. Greek mathematician. Collection c340 of Greek works. [Read more ...]

Papua New Guinea. New Guinea. SE: 1884 British. 1906 Australia = Papua. NE: 1884 German. 1914 Australian mandate. 1949 united. 1975 Independent. [Read more ...]

Papyrus. 3500BC. Reeds used by Egyptians to make paper. [Read more ...]

Paracelsus. 1493-1541. Swiss alchemist, physician. Chemical drugs. Named zinc. Practica 1529. Hypnotism. Great Surgery Book 1536. [Read more ...]

Paraclete. Name given Holy Ghost by Christ. [Read more ...]

Paraguay. Guarani. 1526 Cabot explores. 1535 Spanish. 1811 Independent. 1954 Dictatorship. [Read more ...]

Paraguayan War. 1864-70. Paraguay decimated by Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay. Reduced population from 525K to 193K women and 28K men. [Read more ...]

Paramountcy, Doctrine of. 19C. British East India Company claims right to intervene if any state is misgoverned. [Read more ...]

Paré, Ambroise. 1510-90. Father of modern surgery. -“I apply the dressing. God heals the wound.” Invented articulating artificial limbs 1540. [Read more ...]

Paris. Son of Priam. Carried Helen back to Troy, starting the Trojan Wars. Shot Achilles. Judged first beauty contest. [Read more ...]

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