The Pocket Guide to World History

Paris. 276BC Parisii. 52BC Caesar conquers. 500 Merovingian. 987 France. [Read more ...]

Paris, Congress. 1856. Austria, France, Britain, Russia, Ottomans, Sardinia end Crimean War. [Read more ...]

Paris, Matthew. -1259. English monk, historian. Chronica Majora. Historia Anglorum. [Read more ...]

Paris, Treaties. 1229 Ends Albigensian Crusade. Louis gains Toulouse. 1327. England loses territory to France. 1763 Ends Seven Years War. Britain gets French holdings in Canada. Spain gets American territory. 1783 Ends American Revolution. US borders fixed. 1814 Ends Napoleonic Wars, restoring 1792 borders. Napoleon exiled to Elba. 1815 Ends Hundred Days. 1790 borders, reparations. Napoleon to St. Helena. 1856 Ends Crimean War. Black Sea neutral. Regulated Laws of High Seas. 1898 Ends Spanish American War. Spain cedes Cuba, Philippines, Puerto Rico to US. 1947. Settled European borders after WWII. [Read more ...]

Paris Peace Conference. 1919-20. Versailles Treaty. [Read more ...]

Paris School. 1900-30. Bohemian golden age of arts in Montparnasse. [Read more ...]

Paris University. c1170. Sorbonne 1257. [Read more ...]

Paris Unrest. 1968. May Demonstrations. [Read more ...]

Park, Mungo. 1771-1806. Scottish explorer of Niger. [Read more ...]

Park Chung Hee. 1917-79. South Korean president. 1963-79 by 1961 coup. Economic growth. [Read more ...]

Parker, Charlie. 1920-55. US Jazz saxophonist. Father of Bebop. [Read more ...]

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