The Pocket Guide to World History

Panmunjom. Site of Korean peace talks 1951-3. [Read more ...]

Pannonia. c35BC Roman province. Hungary, Austria, north Yugoslavia, Slovakia. [Read more ...]

Pantagruel. Rabelais giant. [Read more ...]

Pantheism. Religion or philosophy identifying God with all that exists. Hinduism. [Read more ...]

Pantheon. 27BC. Rome. Temple to all the gods. 609 converted to Christian church. [Read more ...]

Panthéon. 1758-89. Paris. Soufflot. Ordered by Louis XV after recovering from illness. [Read more ...]

Paoli, Pasquale. 1725-1807. Corsican patriot. Led rebels vs Genoa, France 1735~94. [Read more ...]

Papadopoulos, Georgios. 1919-99. Greek Prime Minister 1967-73, President 1973-5 during Reign of Greek Colonels. 1975 Life imprisonment. [Read more ...]

Papal States. 756-1870. Italian territory under Pope. Recognized 1279 by HRE; lost during Italian Unification. Pepin Donation. [Read more ...]

Paphlagonia. Lydia. Persia. 333BC Alexander. 2C BC Pontus. 65BC Rome. [Read more ...]

Papin, Denis. 1647-1714. French doctor, first utilized steam pressure. Pressure cooker 1679. Piston 1680. [Read more ...]

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