The Pocket Guide to World History

Panama. 1501 Bastidas discovers. 1510 Spanish settle. 1821 Gran Colombia. 1930 Colombia. 1903 US aided revolt, Independence. 1903-79 US administered Canal Zone. 1989 US invasion restores elected government. [Read more ...]

Panama Canal. 1881-1889. Begun by Lesseps- bankrupt. Completed by US 1904-14. Reed. [Read more ...]

Panama Scandal. 1892. Bribery of French Chamber of Deputies discovered re 1888 Lesseps Panama loan. Discredited Clemenceau’s radicals. [Read more ...]

Panay Incident. 1937. Japanese sink US gunboat in China. US restraint exemplified isolationism. [Read more ...]

Pancras, St. 290-304. Patron saint of children. Martyred at age 14. [Read more ...]

Pandit, Vijaya. 1900-90. Fought for Indian independence. First woman president of UN General Assembly 1953-4. Nehru’s Sister. [Read more ...]

Pandora. First woman of Greek legend. Opened box of human ills. Hope remains in box. [Read more ...]

Pangaea. Protocontinent hypothesized by Wegener. Broke into Gondwanaland(S) and Laurasia(N) 245M BC.

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Pangkor Engagement. 1874. Treaty with Perak established British rule in Malaya. [Read more ...]

Panipat, Battles. 1526 Moguls defeat Afghans, establish dynasty. 1556 Moguls defeat Hindus. 1761 Afghans defeat Marathas. [Read more ...]

Pankhurst, Emmeline. 1858-1928. English suffragette. Founded Women’s Social and Political Union, 1903. [Read more ...]

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