The Pocket Guide to World History

Pallas. Greek giant killed by Athena. [Read more ...]

Palme, Olof. 1927-86. Swedish Prime Minister. Assassinated. [Read more ...]

Palmerston, Lord. 1784-1865. English Whig Prime Minister 1855~65. Secretary of War 1809-28. Foreign Secretary 1830~51. Crimean War. American Civil War. [Read more ...]

Palmyra. 19C BC. Syrian city “founded by Solomon”. 3C AD + Syria, Egypt. 273 Rome destroys. [Read more ...]

Palo Alto, Battle. 1846 US victory. First major battle of Mexican War. [Read more ...]

Pan. Greek god of fertility and nature. Inventor of shepherd’s flute. Half man half goat. =Faunus. [Read more ...]

Pan-African Congress. 1900~45. Promoted interests of blacks worldwide. [Read more ...]

Pan-American Conferences. 1826- US, South American states. Pan-American Union, OAS. [Read more ...]

Pan-American Union. 1890-1948. Commercial, cultural exchanges. [Read more ...]

Pan-Germanism. 1894-1945. German nationalist movement. Nazism. [Read more ...]

Pan-Slavism. 19C Slavic unity movement. Caused Russo-Turkish War 1877. [Read more ...]

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