The Pocket Guide to World History

Paleologus. Byzantine dynasty 1259-1453. Ousted crusader kings. Defeated by Turks. [Read more ...]

Palermo Stone. Carved history of Egyptian dynasties I-V. [Read more ...]

Palestine. Holy land of Jews, Christians, Moslems. 2100BC Amorites invade. 18C BC Hyksos. 16C Hebrews settle. 1500 Egypt. 142 Maccabees. 63BC Rome...5C Byzantine. 614 Persia. 640 Moslem. 1099 Latin Kingdom. 1187 Saladin. 1291 Mameluk. 16C Ottoman. 1917 Britain. 1920 British under League of Nations mandate. 1947 Partition, Independent Israel. [Read more ...]

Palestine Liberation Organization. PLO. 1964. To reclaim land from Israel. 1988 Proclaimed Palestinian State. 1993 Israel-PLO Accord, mutual recognition. Palestinian Authority. Arafat. Terrorism. Munich Olympics. [Read more ...]

PalestinianAuthority. 1996-. Government of Jerusalem West Bank and Gaza Strip. Arafat. PLO. [Read more ...]

Palestrina. 1525-94. Italian composer. Pioneer of chordal music. A capella choir 1585. Improperia 1560. [Read more ...]

Pali. Indo-European language of Buddha. [Read more ...]

Palissy, Bernard. 1510-89. French potter. Discovered white porcelain. [Read more ...]

Palladian. Classical Roman British architecture. 1615-35 and 1715-60. Inigo Jones. Palladio. [Read more ...]

Palladio, Andrea. 1508-80. Italian architect. Reintroduced Roman symmetry and proportion to Venetian villas. Suspension Bridge 1550. Architecture 1570. [Read more ...]

Palladium. Sacred image of Athena protecting Troy. Stolen by Odysseus. [Read more ...]

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