The Pocket Guide to World History

Pahlavi, Reza Shah. 1877-1944. Army officer. Led coup over Kajar dynasty 1925. Shah of Iran 1925-41. [Read more ...]

Paine, Thomas. 1737-1809. English/US/French political writer for democracy. Common Sense 1776, Rights of Man 1791, Age of Reason 1794. [Read more ...]

Painlevé, Paul. 1863-1933. French mathematician. Prime Minister 1917,25. [Read more ...]

Paix des Dames. Cambrai Treaty. 1529. Francis I’s mother and Charles V’s aunt negotiate halt to Italian Wars. [Read more ...]

Pakistan. 25C BC Indus civilization. 15C BC Aryan. 6C Achaemenid. 326 Alexander. 4C BC Maurya Empire. c50 AD Kushan. 4C Gupta. 5C Hun. 8C Moslem. 11C Turks. 1206 Delhi Sultanate. 1526 Mogul. 1780 Sikh. 1840 British India. 1947 Independent. 1956 Islamic Republic. 1971 -Bangladesh. [Read more ...]

Palaemon. Greek god of ships = Portunus. [Read more ...]

Palais de la Bourse. 1808-1907. First public stock exchange 1724 was in Mazarin Mansion. [Read more ...]

Palamedes. Mythical Greek hero. Invented numbers, alphabet, coins. [Read more ...]

Palatinate. 1156-. Region of south Germany ravaged during 30 Years War and War of Grand Alliance. Saar. [Read more ...]

Pale. Region of a country subject to separate laws or government. 1171-16C part of Ireland subject to English rule. Pale of Settlement 1792-1917, Jews in Russia. [Read more ...]

Paleolithic. 2.5M-10,000BC. Old Stone Age. [Read more ...]

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