The Pocket Guide to World History

Owen, Robert. 1771-1858. Welsh socialist. Began utopian cooperatives in England and US. Lanark 1799. Rochdale 1844. [Read more ...]

Owens, Jesse. 1913-80. Black US athlete. 4 golds at 1936 Berlin Olympics contradicted Hitler’s Aryan supremacy. [Read more ...]

Oxford, Provisions of. 1258-66. Reforms barons forced on Henry III. Annulled, modified. Led to Provisions of Westminster, Barons War. [Read more ...]

Oxford English Dictionary. 1884-1928. 10 volumes, 2.4 million quotations. OED2 1989. James Murray. [Read more ...]

Oxford Group. 1921- Early form of Buchmanism stressing group confessions. [Read more ...]

Oxford Movement. 1833-45. Christian Socialist Tractarian movement for return to RC ritual, dogma in Anglican Church. [Read more ...]

Oxford University. 1115. Celebrated center of English learning. Charter 1214. Modelled on University of Paris. [Read more ...]

Paasikivi, Juho. 1870-1956. Finnish Prime Minister 1918~46. President 46-56. Appeasement policy to USSR. [Read more ...]

Pachero, Francisco. 1564-1654. Spanish writer, artist. Arte de la pintura 1649. Taught Velazquez, Cano. [Read more ...]

Pachomius, St. c290-346. Egypt. Founded first Christian monastery. [Read more ...]

Pacific, War of. 1879-84. Chile wins land from Peru, Bolivia’s coastline. [Read more ...]

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