The Pocket Guide to World History

Pacification of Ghent. 1576. Catholic, Protestant truce in Netherlands to revolt vs Spanish occupiers. [Read more ...]

Pacifism. Ethical, philosophical, or moral opposition to war or violence. [Read more ...]

Paderewski, Ignacy. 1860-1941. Polish pianist, composer. Prime Minister 1919. [Read more ...]

Padilla, Juan de. 1490-1521. Spanish revolutionary. Led Communeros vs Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Executed. [Read more ...]

Paean. Greek physician to the gods. [Read more ...]

Paeonius. c450-400BC. Greek sculptor. Winged Victory c420BC. [Read more ...]

Páez, José. 1790-1873. Venezuelan revolutionary with Bolivar. First president 1831~43. Dictator 1861-3. [Read more ...]

Paganini, Niccolo. 1782-1840. Italian violinist, composer. Revolutionized harmonics use. Capricci 1801-7. [Read more ...]

Paget, James. 1814-99. British surgeon. Trichinosis 1834. [Read more ...]

Pahlavi. 3-10C. Iranian branch of Indo-European languages. [Read more ...]

Pahlavi, Muhammed. 1919-80. Shah of Iran 1941-79. Deposed by Khomeini. [Read more ...]

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