The Pocket Guide to World History

Ottawa Conference. 1932. British Empire creates Imperial Preference during Depression. [Read more ...]

Otto, Nikolaus. 1832-91. Built 4 Cycle engine 1876. [Read more ...]

Otto I. 1815-67. German king of Greece 1832-62. Selected by London Conference. Deposed. Wittelsbach. [Read more ...]

Otto I. The Great. 912-73. King of Germany, 936-. Founded Holy Roman Empire, 962. Deposed Pope John XII. [Read more ...]

Ottoman Empire. 1300-1922. Turkish empire in Balkans, Near East, N Africa. Conquered Byzantine Empire. 1402 Destroyed by Tamerlane. 1413 Rebuilt by Mehmed. 1453 Conquered Constantinople. Eastern Question. Mehmed II. Süleiman the Magnificent. Turkey. [Read more ...]

Oudenaarde, Battle. 1708. Churchill, Prince Eugène defeat French. [Read more ...]

Oughtred, Wm. 1574-1660. English. Slide rule c1630 (circular), 1633 (rectilinear). [Read more ...]

Outer Space Treaty. 1967. International cooperation in space. Controlled military uses. 70+ signatories. [Read more ...]

Overlord, Operation. = Normandy Invasion. [Read more ...]

Ovid. 43BC-17 AD. Roman poet: Art of Love. Tristia. Metamorphoses. [Read more ...]

Owen, Daniel. 1836-95. Welsh novelist. [Read more ...]

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