The Pocket Guide to World History

Orléanists. 1830-48. French supporters of Louis-Philippe vs republicans and Bonapartists. [Read more ...]

Orléans. 1344-. Branch of French Valois and Bourbons. [Read more ...]

Orléans, Charles, duc d’. 1394-1465. Fought with Armagnacs vs Burgundians. Captured at Agincourt 1415. Ransomed 1440. Last courtly poet of France. [Read more ...]

Orléans, Gaston, duc d’. 1608-60. French prince vs Richelieu. Exiled 1632-2. Led Fronde. [Read more ...]

Orléans, Louis, duc d’. 1372-1407. Began Armagnac/Burgundy conflict. Assassinated by supporters of John the Fearless. [Read more ...]

Orléans, Louis Philippe, duc d’. 1747-93. Became Citizen Égalité 1892. Joined Third Estate. Father of King Louis-Philippe. [Read more ...]

Orléans, Philippe II, duc d’. 1674-1723. French soldier Wars of Grand Alliance, Spanish Succession. Regent for Louis XV. [Read more ...]

Orléans, Siege. 1428-9. 8 month English siege ended by Joan of Arc. Turning point of 100 Years War. [Read more ...]

Orlov, Grigory, Count. 1734-83. Russian lover of Catherine II; led coup vs Peter III. Advocated liberating Christians from Ottoman rule. [Read more ...]

Ormonde, Duke of. 1610-88. Irish Stuart supporter during Civil War. [Read more ...]

Orozco, José. 1883-1949. Mexican mural painter. [Read more ...]

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