The Pocket Guide to World History

Oregon Trail. 1840-70. 2,000 mile route from Missouri to Oregon. [Read more ...]

Orestes. Electra’s brother. Killed mother and her lover to avenge death of his father, Agamemnon. [Read more ...]

Orestes. -476. Roman general. Deposed Nepos for his son, Romulus Augustulus. [Read more ...]

Orff, Carl. 1895-1982. Modern German composer. Straightforward. Carmina Burana 1936. [Read more ...]

Orgetorix. -60BC. Helvetian chief vs Caesar. [Read more ...]

Orient Express. 1883-1977. Paris-Istanbul train. [Read more ...]

Oriental Canon Law. 880. Ecclesiastical laws of Eastern Christian churches. [Read more ...]

Origen. c185-254. Alexandrian. Sought to justify Christianity in terms of Greek philosophy. On First Principles. [Read more ...]

Orion. Greek mythical hunter. [Read more ...]

Oriskany, Battle. 1777. British ambush Americans. [Read more ...]

Orlando, Vittorio. 1860-1952. Italian Prime Minister 1917-19. Versailles negotiator. [Read more ...]

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