The Pocket Guide to World History

Orpheus. Mythical Greek poet. Tamed animals with lyre. Music charmed underworld gods in bid to free wife. [Read more ...]

Orphic Mysteries. 547BC-. Ascetic Greek cult. [Read more ...]

Orsini. 12C-. Influential Roman family. Popes Celestine III, Nicholas III, Benedict XIII. [Read more ...]

Orsini Affair. 1858. Unsuccessful plot on Napoleon III led to his interest in Italian unity. [Read more ...]

Ortega y Gasset, José. 1883-1955. Spanish philosopher: Terra de Nuestra Tiempo 1923. Revolt of the Masses 1929. [Read more ...]

Orthodox Church, Eastern. 1054-. Autonomous Christian churches of Middle East, Eastern Europe, Russia using Byzantine rite. East-West Schism. [Read more ...]

Orwell, George. 1903-50. English satirical novelist and social critic: Animal Farm 1945, 1984 1948. [Read more ...]

Osama bin Laden. 1957-. Wahabi Saudi Arabian construction magnate turned terrorist. World Trade Center. Taliban. al-Qaeda. [Read more ...]

Osborne, John. 1929-94. ‘Angry’ English playwright. Entertainer 1951. Look Back in Anger 1956. [Read more ...]

Oscar I. 1799-1859. King of Norway and Sweden 1844-. Liberal reforms. [Read more ...]

Osceola. c1804-38. Seminole leader. Arrested at truce talks. [Read more ...]

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