The Pocket Guide to World History

Oppenheimer, Robert. 1904-67. US atomic scientist. Led Manhattan Project. [Read more ...]

Ops. Roman goddess of harvest, fertility. = Rhea. [Read more ...]

Oradour-sur-Glane. 1944. Germans kill residents, burn town. 10 survivors of 652. [Read more ...]

Orange, House of. French dynasty influential in Netherlands. William I. William III. [Read more ...]

Orange Free State. 1820 Boer colony. 1848 British. 1854 Independent. 1900 British. 1910 Union of South Africa. Boer War. [Read more ...]

Orangemen. 1795- Irish Protestant political faction. [Read more ...]

Oranges, War of. 1801. France and Spain defeat and divide Portugal. [Read more ...]

Orcagna, Andrea. 1308-68. Florentine painter and sculptor. [Read more ...]

Orcus. Roman god of underworld and dead. = Hades. [Read more ...]

Ordeal, Trial by. -1219. English common form of trial. eg: fire, battle, dunking. [Read more ...]

Oregon Question. 1818-46. Britain vs US on Canadian border. Treaty established 49°N 1846. [Read more ...]

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