The Pocket Guide to World History

O’Neill, Eugene. 1888-1953. US playwright: Iceman Cometh 1946. Long Day’s Journey into Night 1956. [Read more ...]

O’Neill, Hugh. c1540-1616. Irish. Led failed revolt vs English rule. [Read more ...]

O’Neill, Shane. c1530-67. Irish chief rebelled vs England, slain by rival clan. [Read more ...]

Ontological Argument. God exists as the most perfect human conception. [Read more ...]

Op art. 20C style incorporating optical illusion of movement. Vasarely. Riley. [Read more ...]

OPEC. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. 1961- International cartel sets prices by controlling supply. Created oil shortage 1973. [Read more ...]

Open Door. 1900-39. US policy of equal trade rights with China. [Read more ...]

Opéra. 1861-75. Paris opera house by Garnier. [Read more ...]

Opera Buffa. = Comic Opera. Pergolesi. [Read more ...]

Opéra-Comique. 18C-. French light opera infl by Italian Opera Buffa. Grétry. [Read more ...]

Opium Wars. 1839-42 Hong Kong ceded to Britain. 1856-60. French, British force China to open trade, legalize opium. Demonstrated European weapon superiority. Nanking Treaty. [Read more ...]

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