The Pocket Guide to World History

Novgorod. <859. One of oldest Russian cities. [Read more ...]

Novgorod School. 12-16C. Russian icon and mural painting. [Read more ...]

Novotny, Antonin. 1904-75. Stalinist Czech leader 1953-68. Deposed. [Read more ...]

Noyes, John. 1811-86. Founded Utopian Oneida community. [Read more ...]

Noyon, Treaty. 1516. France cedes Naples to Spain. [Read more ...]

Nubia. 8C BC-c300 AD. NE African kingdom conquered Egypt. Sudan. [Read more ...]

Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. 1968. USSR, US, UK, +59 others. Effective 1970. [Read more ...]

Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. 1963. US, UK, USSR, + 100 signatories. No atmospheric, underwater, or space tests. France, China decline, continue testing. [Read more ...]

Nufer, Jacob. c1500. First successful Caesarian section on living mother. [Read more ...]

Nullification. US states’ rights to remedy federal abuse of power locally. Calhoun. [Read more ...]

Numa Pompilius. c715-673BC. Second king of Rome. Organized the ceremony of state. [Read more ...]

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