The Pocket Guide to World History

Numidia. 3C BC-428. Country in N Africa. 46BC Rome. 428 Vandal. ≈Algeria. [Read more ...]

Nuñez, Rafael. 1825-94. Colombian President. 1880~ dictator. [Read more ...]

Nuremberg Eggs. 1510. First watches-by Peter Henlein. [Read more ...]

Nuremberg Laws. 1935. German Jews lose citizenship and rights. [Read more ...]

Nuremberg Rallies. 1933-8. Annual Nazi festivals followed by Hitler policy speech. [Read more ...]

Nuremberg Trials. 1945-6. Trials of 22 Nazi leaders for crimes in WWII. 12 death sentences. [Read more ...]

Nureyev, Rudolph. 1938-93. Russian ballet dancer. Defected 1961. [Read more ...]

Nyasaland. Malawi. [Read more ...]

Nyerere, Julius. 1922-99. First Tanganyika Prime Minister 1961, President 1962. Union with Zanzibar. President Tanzania 1964. [Read more ...]

Nystad, Treaty. 1721. Russia/Sweden. Russia gains window on Baltic. Ends Great Northern War. [Read more ...]

Nyx. Greek personification (female) of night. [Read more ...]

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