The Pocket Guide to World History

Nominalism. Philosophy. Abstractions do not exist. Things are their names. Vs Realists. Aristotle. Roscelin. Hobbes. [Read more ...]

Nonconformists. Those who do not subscribe to a state religion. Act of Uniformity. [Read more ...]

Noncooperation Movement. 1920-22. Ghandi’s non-violent protest in India. Amritsar Massacre. [Read more ...]

Nonjurors. 1689. Clergy refusing to take oath of Allegiance to William and Mary. [Read more ...]

Nopopery Riots. 1780. Gordon Riots. [Read more ...]

Nordenskjöld, Erik. 1832-1901. Sweden. First successful navigation of North-East passage 1878-9. [Read more ...]

Nordic Council. 1953-. Denmark, Norway, Sweden. 1955 +Finland. Promotes cultural unity, reciprocal rights. [Read more ...]

Nordlingen, Battle. 1634. Sweden defeated, ending influence in S Germany. Heilbronn alliance dissolved. [Read more ...]

Nore Mutiny. 1797. British North Sea fleet protest conditions. Parker hung. [Read more ...]

Norfolk, First Duke. c1366-99. Lord Appellant. Dominated Richard II 1387-89. [Read more ...]

Norfolk, 4th Duke. 1538-1572. Executed for Ridolfi plot. [Read more ...]

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