The Pocket Guide to World History

Norgay, Tenzig. Tenzig Norgay. [Read more ...]

Norman Conquest. 1066. Brought Norman laws, customs, feudal system to England. Hastings. [Read more ...]

Normandy. Rome. 911 Norse(Rollo). 1066 + England. 1204 French. 1420 English. 1450 French. [Read more ...]

Normandy Invasion. 1944. Eisenhower’s D-Day assault of Allies on German-occupied France. WWII turning point. [Read more ...]

Normans. 9C. Norsemen who settled in northern France, Sicily, Naples, Albania, Thessaloniki. [Read more ...]

Norns. Norse goddesses of Past, Present, Future. [Read more ...]

Norsemen. Danes, Norwegians and Swedes who colonized Britain, France, Russia, 9-11C. Also called: Northmen, Vikings, Varangians. Beseiged Paris 885. [Read more ...]

North, Frederick. 1732-92. English Prime Minister during American Revolution. [Read more ...]

North Africa Campaign. 1940-3. Montgomery, Alexander defeat Rommel’s Afrikan Korps. [Read more ...]

North German Confederation. 1867-71. 22 states led by Prussia. German Empire. [Read more ...]

North Sea Gas. 1967. [Read more ...]

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