The Pocket Guide to World History

Nkrumah, Kwame. 1909-72. Gold Coast/Ghana Prime Minister 1952-60, President 60-66. [Read more ...]

NKVD. 1934-46. Soviet secret police. KGB. [Read more ...]

Noah. Biblical figure. Survived flood in ark. [Read more ...]

Nobel, Alfred. 1833-96. Swedish. Invented dynamite 1867. Founded Nobel Prize 1901. [Read more ...]

NobelPrize. Nobel legacy funded. Peace Prize and prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature. 1969 +Economics. . Declined: Le Duc Tho, Pasternak, Sartre. [Read more ...]

Nobile, Umberto. 1885-1978. Italian general, flew over South Pole in a dirigible, 1926, with Amundsen, Ellsworth. [Read more ...]

Nobiles. 3C- Roman ruling aristocracy. Patricians and office holding Plebeians. [Read more ...]

Nod. Biblical land where Cain fled. [Read more ...]

Noguchi, Hideyo. 1876-1928. Isolated yellow fever microbe 1918. [Read more ...]

Noguchi, Isamu. 1904-88. Japanese/US abstract sculptor. UNESCO Garden, Paris 1958. [Read more ...]

Nolde, Emil. 1867-1956. German Expressionist painter. [Read more ...]

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