The Pocket Guide to World History

Austerlitz, Battle. Moravia. Napoleon defeats Austrians and Russians, Dec 2, 1805. Peace with Austria. [Read more ...]

Austin, Herbert. 1886-1941. English car manufacturer. Small car pioneer. [Read more ...]

Australia. c28,000BC Australoids. 1606 Sighted by Portuguese. 1668 Dampier lands. 1770 Cook claims for England. 1788-1868 Penal colonies. 1901 Independent commonwealth. [Read more ...]

Australopithecus. Hominid ancestor to man, discovered in Africa. Lived 1 to 5 million years ago. [Read more ...]

Austrasia. 511-751. East Frankish kingdom. Part of Merovingian Empire. 7C Mayors of Palace held power. Carolingian Empire. Clovis. Neustria. [Read more ...]

Austria. 400BC Celts. 15BC Rome. 5-7C Huns, Avars ravage. 6C Slovenes settle 8C Charlemagne. 9C Magyar. 955 Otto I...962 HRE. 976 Babenberg(E). 1278 Hapsburg. 1453 Archduchy. 1804 Austrian Empire. 1867 Ausgleich. 1918 Republic. 1938 Germany. 1945 Republic. 1955 Independence from Allies. [Read more ...]

Austria-Hungary. 1867-1918 Dual monarchy. Ausgleich. [Read more ...]

Austrian Empire. 1804-67. Slowly disintegrating last remnant of Holy Roman Empire. [Read more ...]

Austrian State Treaty, 1955. Ended Allied occupation of Austria. [Read more ...]

Austrian Succession, War. 1740-48. Jenkins Ear and King George’s Wars. Maria Theresa recognized. Francis I becomes Holy Roman Emperor. Prussian power shown. Aix-la-Chapelle Treaty. Silesian War. [Read more ...]

Austro-Prussian War. 1866. Austria excluded from German Confederation. Austrian influence in Italy ended. Dual Monarchy. [Read more ...]

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