The Pocket Guide to World History

Austro-Turkish War. 1682-99. Siege of Vienna. Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I drives Turks from Hungary. [Read more ...]

Auto-da-fé. (Act of Faith). 1481-1850. Sentencing ceremony of Inquisition. [Read more ...]

Autobahn. German road system begun by Hitler to reduce unemployment, 1934. [Read more ...]

Autumn Harvest Uprising. 1927. Failed Chinese peasant revolt led by Mao. [Read more ...]

Avalon. Elysium of Arthurian legend. [Read more ...]

Avars. 6-8C. Nomadic Caucasus tribe defeated by Charlemagne. [Read more ...]

Aventine Secession. 1924. 150 Italian government members protest Fascist government. Matteotti. [Read more ...]

Averescu, Alexandru. 1859-1938. Romanian General and Prime Minister. Suppressed 1907 peasant revolt. [Read more ...]

Avernus. Crater lake, believed by Romans to be Hell’s entrance. [Read more ...]

Averroës, Ibn Rushd. 1126-98. Arab philosopher: eternity of creation, universal shared consciousness. [Read more ...]

Avesta. =Zend-Avesta. [Read more ...]

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