The Pocket Guide to World History

New Spain. 1535-1821. Spanish possessions in North, Central America. New Granada. [Read more ...]

New Sweden. 1638-55. Swedish colony in North America captured by Dutch. «Delaware. [Read more ...]

New Testament. Portion of Bible relating to life and teachings of Christ and his disciples. [Read more ...]

New Thought. 19-20C. US philosophy. Idealism, mind healing. [Read more ...]

New World Order. 1940. Germany, Italy, Japan plan for world domination. [Read more ...]

New York City. 1609 Hudson discovers. 1624 Dutch New Amsterdam. 1626 Manhattan Purchase. 1664 English. 1785-90 US capital. [Read more ...]

New Zealand. <8C Maori. 1642 Tasman discovers. 1840 British. 1852 Autonomous. 1907 Dominion. [Read more ...]

Newcomen, Thomas. 1663-1729. First steam engine, 1706, as mine pump. Basis of Watt’s. [Read more ...]

Newfoundland. Beothuk, Inuit. 10C Norse discover. 1497 Cabot rediscovers. 1583 Britain claims. 17-18C British, French dispute. 1713 British sovereignty recognized. 1855 Self-governing. 1934 Crown Colony. 1949 Canadian province. [Read more ...]

Newgate Prison. 12C-1880. London. Execution site 1783-1868. On site of Old Bailey. Demolished 1902. [Read more ...]

Newman, John. 1801-90. English theologian, writer, founded Oxford Movement. Apologia pro Vita Sua 1868. [Read more ...]

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