The Pocket Guide to World History

New Deal. 1933-9. Roosevelt’s economic policy vs Depression. TVA, CWA, WPA. [Read more ...]

New Economic Policy. 1921-8. Russian economic program. Limited free enterprise. Replaced by Five Year Plans. [Read more ...]

New France. c1600-1763. French colonies in North America. [Read more ...]

New Granada. 18C-1810 Spanish colony in South America: Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela. 1830-58 =Colombia. [Read more ...]

New Guinea. 1512 Portugal discovers. 1828 Netherlands(W). 1884 Dutch/British(SE)/German(NE). 1906 British part(SE) to Australia. 1921 League of Nations Australian mandate(NE). 1945 Mandate +Papua. 1963 Dutch part(W) to Indonesia. 1975 Papua New Guinea. [Read more ...]

New Hebrides. Melanesians, Polynesians. 1606 de Quiros discovers. 1768 Bougainville rediscovers. 1774 Cook charts. 1887 Joint French/English admin. 1980 -Vanuatu. [Read more ...]

New Kingdom. 1567-1085BC. Peak of Egyptian Empire. 18-20th dynasties. Akhenaton, Ramses II. Valley of Kings. [Read more ...]

New Model Army. 1645. English parliamentary army replaced private armies. Won Civil War. [Read more ...]

New Netherland. 1624-64. Dutch colonies in North America. Captured by British. New Amsterdam. [Read more ...]

New Orleans, Battle. 1815 Andrew Jackson, unaware, devastates British 2 weeks after War of 1812 ends. [Read more ...]

New South Wales. 1788-1852 British colonize with transported convicts. 1856 Self-government. 1901 Australia. [Read more ...]

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