The Pocket Guide to World History

Newspapers.1566 Venice (first). 1594 Mercurius Gallobelgious England. 1621 Batter England. 1662 First censorship. 1690 Boston. 1702 Daily Courant, first daily. [Read more ...]

Newton, Isaac. 1643-1727. English physicist. Calculus 1666. Reflecting telescope 1668. Binomial Theorem. 1676. Tides 1683. Law of Gravity and Acceleration 1684. Decomposition of light.Principia Mathematica 1687. Speed of sound 1698.Opticks 1704. [Read more ...]

Ney, Michel. 1769-1815. Marshal under Napoleon. Shot after second Restoration. “Bravest of the brave”-Napoleon. [Read more ...]

Nezahvualcoyotl. 15C Aztec poet, philosopher, architect. King of Texcoco. [Read more ...]

Ngo Dinh Diem. 1901-63. Repressive anti-communist. First President of South Vietnam 1954-. Killed in coup. [Read more ...]

Nguyen. 1802-1945. Last Vietnam dynasty. [Read more ...]

Nguyen van Thieu. 1923-. South Vietnam president 1967-75. [Read more ...]

Niagara Falls. Discovered 1678 by French priest Louis Hennepin. [Read more ...]

Niagara Movement. 1905-10. US black civil rights movement. NAACP. [Read more ...]

Nibelungen. Rich subterranean dwarfs of 12C German epic poem c1200. Basis of Wagner’s Ring. [Read more ...]

Nicaea. 4C BC Greco-Turkish city. Now Izmik. [Read more ...]

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