The Pocket Guide to World History

Neumann, Balthasar. 1687-1753. German Baroque architect. Residenz in Würzburg 1719-44. [Read more ...]

Neumann, John von. 1903-57. Hungarian/US mathematician. Computer theory; serial process. Assisted H-bomb development. Minimax theorem 1928.Theory of Games 1944. [Read more ...]

Neustria. Western of 4 Merovingian kingdoms. Austrasia. [Read more ...]

Neuve-Chapelle, Battle. 1915. Failed WWI artillery attack by British on Western Front. [Read more ...]

Neva, Battle. 1240. Swedish invasion of W Russia defeated. [Read more ...]

Neville, Ralph. 1364-1425. Aided Henry IV vs Richard II. Grandfather of Edward IV and Richard III. [Read more ...]

Neville, Richard. Earl of Warwick. [Read more ...]

Neville’s Cross, Battle. 1346. English defeat Scottish invaders, capture King David II. [Read more ...]

New Amsterdam. 1624-64 Dutch settlement. = Manhattan. [Read more ...]

New Brunswick. Micmac. 1534 Cartier discovers. 1604 French settle. 1713 British. 1867 Canada. [Read more ...]

New Caledonia. 1774 Cook discovers. 1843 French. 1864-94 Penal colony. 1954 French Overseas Territory. [Read more ...]

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