The Pocket Guide to World History

Necker, Jacques. 1732-1804. Swiss Finance Minister of France before the Revolution. Compte Rendu 1781. Called Estates General leading to French Revolution. Dismissal led to riots. [Read more ...]

Neerwinden. 1693 Victory of Luxembourg over William of Orange. [Read more ...]

Nefertiti. 14C BC. Egyptian queen to Akhenaton. [Read more ...]

Negeri Sembilan. 14C Sumatrans settle. 1773 Confederation of 9 states. 1889 British protectorate. 1895 «Federation of Malay States...1948 Malayan Federation. [Read more ...]

Nehemiah. Judaea governor. Rebuilt walls of Jerusalem 444BC. [Read more ...]

Nehru, Pandit Jawaharial. 1889-1964. Congress Movement 1929-. First Indian Prime Minister 1947-. Rationalized Hindu laws. [Read more ...]

Nelidov Project. 1895. Abandoned Russian plan to sieze Bosphorus. [Read more ...]

Nelson, Horatio. 1758-1805. English Admiral, victor at Aboukir and Trafalgar, where he died. [Read more ...]

Nemesis. Greek goddess of retribution. [Read more ...]

Nemirovich-Danchenko, Vladimir. 1858-1943. Russian author/director. Founded Moscow Art Theater with Stanislavsky. [Read more ...]

NeoBabylonian. Chaldean. [Read more ...]

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