The Pocket Guide to World History

Neoclassical. 17-18C. French-originated revival of classical order of arts, architecture. Order, balance, simplicity. Poussin. David. Molière. Adam. 1920-. Music based on 18C style + popular taste. Milhaud. Stravinsky. Les Six. [Read more ...]

Neo-Impressionism. 19C. Application of optical discoveries by Seurat and Signac. Pointilism. [Read more ...]

Neolithic. 10,000-2,000BC. New Stone age. [Read more ...]

Neoplatonism. 3C Plotinus’ philosophy of the “One”. Union with the “Good” by using intelligence. [Read more ...]

Neoptolemus. Mythic Greek hero. Killed Priam in Trojan War. [Read more ...]

Neo-Pythagoreanism. 1C mystic philosophy. [Read more ...]

Neorealism, Italian. 1920-60. Literary movement supressed by Fascists. Moving autobiographical accounts of the war years. Quasimodo. [Read more ...]

Nepal. Newars, Mongolians. 1769 Gurkhas unite. 1845 Rana dynasty. [Read more ...]

Neptune. Roman god of the Sea = Poseidon. Trident. [Read more ...]

Nerchinsk, Treaty. 1689. Russia-China trade agreement. China recognizes Russia. [Read more ...]

Nernst, Walther. 1864-1941. German scientist: Third law of thermodynamics. Physical chemistry. [Read more ...]

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