The Pocket Guide to World History

Nazareth. Early home of Christ, in Galilee. [Read more ...]

Nazi-Soviet Pact. German-Soviet Pact. [Read more ...]

Nazism. National Socialism. [Read more ...]

Ndebele. Formerly Matabele. Bantu-speaking people of SW Zimbabwe. [Read more ...]

Ne Win, U. 1911 Burmese junta leader, 1962-81. [Read more ...]

Neanderthal Man. 100,000-50,000BC. Skull discovered in Germany 1856. [Read more ...]

Neapolitan. 17-18 C School of Music. Elegant, stylized opera, often weak in drama. Scarlatti. [Read more ...]

Near Eastern Crisis. 1839-41. Eastern Crisis. [Read more ...]

Nearchus. -312BC. Macedonian general under Alexander. [Read more ...]

Nebuchadnezzar II. c638-562BC. King of Babylon. 586 Destroyed Jerusalem and Temple. Babylonian Captivity. Built Hanging Gardens. [Read more ...]

Necho. -595BC. Egyptian pharaoh 610-. Aided Assyria vs Babylonians. Expedition sailed around Africa. [Read more ...]

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