The Pocket Guide to World History

National Defense, Gov’t of. 1870-71. France. Fall of Empire until recall of National Assembly. [Read more ...]

National Gallery. England 1824. [Read more ...]

National Gallery of Art. (US) 1937. Funded by Mellon. [Read more ...]

National Geographic Society. 1888. World’s largest scientific and educational society. [Read more ...]

National Guard. 1789-1870 France. 1880s US. [Read more ...]

National Health Service. 1948-. British system of socialized medicine. [Read more ...]

National Insurance. 1911 Britain. Unemployment, health insurance. Social Security. [Read more ...]

National Liberation Front. 1960- Vietcong organization for unification of Vietnam. 1969 Provisonal government. 1975 Conquered South Vietnam. 1976 Joined National United Front. [Read more ...]

National Party. 1914. South African Afrikaaner pro-Apartheid, anti-Commonwealth party. In power 1948-94. [Read more ...]

National Party. 1931-45. English political party. [Read more ...]

National Party. 1936-. New Zealand conservative anti-Labour party. [Read more ...]

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