The Pocket Guide to World History

Nassau. German family which controlled the Rhine from 12C. One branch was House of Orange. [Read more ...]

Nassau Agreement. 1962. US-British agreement on Polaris missiles for Royal Navy caused DeGaulle to veto British entry to EEC. [Read more ...]

Nasser, Abdel. 1918-70. Egypt. Led coup vs Farouk 1952. Prime Minister 1954-6, president 1956-8. UAR president 1958-. Modernized. Suez Crisis. [Read more ...]

Natal. Bantu. 1497 DaGama discovers. 19C Zulu. 1838 Boer. 1843 British. 1910 South Africa. [Read more ...]

Nataraja. Hindu god Siva as cosmic dancer. [Read more ...]

Nation, Carry. 1846-1911. US temperance crusader 1890-. Smashed saloons with hatchet. [Read more ...]

National Assembly. 1789-91. French legislature of Third Estate. 1946-. Lower house of French parliament. Rights of Man. Legislative Assembly. [Read more ...]

National Communism. Means of attaining communism are dictated by conditions in each country. Tito. [Read more ...]

National Conservatory of Music. 1795 Paris. [Read more ...]

National Convention. 1792-5. French legislature after Legislative Assembly. [Read more ...]

National Covenant. 1638. Oath to maintain Scottish Presbyterianism against Charles I episcopacy. 1638-90. Presbyterians persecuted in Scotland. 1643-67 Solemn League allied with Parliament in Civil War. 1647-supported Charles. 1661 illegal. [Read more ...]

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