The Pocket Guide to World History

National Recovery Organization. 1933. US. For business recovery during Great Depression. [Read more ...]

National Republican Party. 1825-36. US Adams supporters. Merged into Whigs. [Read more ...]

National Security Act. 1947. Formed US National Security Council, CIA. [Read more ...]

National Socialism. Nazism. 1919-45. German master-race nationalist Fascist movement. Anti- semitic. Individual surrenders to State will. Hitler. Drexler. [Read more ...]

National Trust. 1895. Non-profit organization to preserve British heritage buildings and lands. [Read more ...]

Nationalism. 17-20C. Sociopolitical movement stressing individual’s loyalty to his state. 19C Led to Imperialism. 20C Fascism and Nazism. [Read more ...]

Nationalism. Musical movement to reflect national or ethnic spirit. Especially 16C and 19C. Grieg. Sibelius. [Read more ...]

Nationalization. Siezing of private enterprises by government with or without compensation. 1946-9 England: Banks, Railways, Mines, Steel, Electricity, Gas. 1946-9 France: Coal, Electricity, Gas, Transport. 1918 Russia: Banks, Insurance, Industry. 1951 Iran: Oil. [Read more ...]

Nations, League of. 1920-46. League of Nations. [Read more ...]

Native Land Acts. 1862, 65-92. New Zealand abolishes tribal land ownership, destroying traditional Maori society. [Read more ...]

NATO. North Atlantic Treaty Organization. 1949- Collective defence alliance of Western European and North Atlantic countries to preserve democratic freedom. UK, Canada, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, US. 1952 Greece, Turkey, 1955 FRG. 1964 -Greece. 1966 -France. 1980 +Greece. 1982 +Spain. 1993 +France. 1999 +Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic. 2004 +Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia. [Read more ...]

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