The Pocket Guide to World History

Nantes, Edict. 1598. Tolerance of Protestant faith by Henry IV. Revoked by Louis XIV, 1685 driving Huguenots from France. [Read more ...]

Nanteuil, Robert. 1623-78. French painter, engraver. [Read more ...]

Napier, John. 1550-1617. Scottish mathematician, invented logarithms 1614. Napiers bones anticipated slide rule. Decimal notation. [Read more ...]

Naples. 758BC settled. 326BC Rome. 1072 Norman. 1130 +Sicily. 1282 -Sicily. 1443 +Sicily under Aragon= Two Sicilies. 1799-1806 Parthenopean Republic. 1861 Italy. [Read more ...]

Napoleon I, Bonaparte. 1769-1821. French general. Emperor of France by coup d’etat 1804-14. Disastrous Moscow campaign 1812. Defeated at Waterloo 1815. Exiled to St. Helena. Napoleonic Wars. Napoleonic Code. Hundred Days. [Read more ...]

Napoleon II. 1811-32. ’King’ of Rome 1811-14. Son of Napoleon and Marie Louise. [Read more ...]

Napoleon III. 1808-73. President of French Republic 1848-52. Emperor by coup d’etat 1852-70. Defeated by Bismarck, exiled. [Read more ...]

Napoleonic Code. 1804-. French laws standardized. Personal liberty, equality, justice, divorce, marriage, property rights. Still in use. [Read more ...]

Napoleonic Wars. 1803-15. France conquers most of Europe until Waterloo. Paris Treaty. Wars of Coalition. [Read more ...]

Narcissus. Greek youth, loved by Echo, loved his own image. [Read more ...]

Narodniki. 19C Russian Socialist movement advocating land for peasants. Assassinated Alexander II. Populism. [Read more ...]

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